Writing, Editing, and Publishing a book or even putting an idea out there can be overwhelming.

Working in books is so much more than a job to me. I love them, and I believe in the power of the written word to move people. I will be there throughout the process to help you ensure your book is the best it can be. With my dedication to helping you and your ideas and talent, we will work together to polish your writing or idea so you can confidently publish it and know it is the best it can be. My goal is to make the process as enjoyable and straightforward as possible for you. Sharing your ‘baby’ for the first time can be very scary. I want you to be as comfortable as possible. That is why I offer a free sample edit. So, let’s get started with your free edit.


What comes next?

  • Maybe you don’t even know what stage your book is in…if so contact me.
  • To get to know each other, I offer a free sample edit of up to 2000 words . This allows me to get to know your voice, so your style flows throughout your book.
  • Once you decide I’m the editor for you, you send me your manuscript, which I look over to provide you with a customized quote.
  • We go over the quote, and finalize things.
  • I go to work.