About Me

One of the biggest issues with finding the right person to work with on your book, is finding that person. They have to be someone you don’t mind spending time with. Someone who gets what you’re trying to convey. So I thought I should tell you a little bit more about myself.

I have always loved to read. I remember being in grade school and devouring Nancy Drew. Then I graduated to Star Trek novels (I’m not sure I should admit that). Reading allowed me to have adventures and lives that I otherwise would not have experienced. So I began to believe strongly in the power of the story to influence how people thought and felt. Facts and figures are well and good but they can’t compare to feeling what someone else felt in a particular situation.

Eventually as I was casting around for something that I could combine with motherhood. I realized that I should take my love of reading and my passion for books and help authors make them better. So here we are and although I have turned my favorite hobby into a business I still read a book I want to before I go to bed every night.