Why this matters?

I’d like to focus on why I know we need to produce conservative stories and what sort of effect it can have. I’ve always loved to read; books were a way to live other lives. It is through the power of fiction to teach that I became a conservative. I do have some conservative family, but I had to come to it on my own. Since almost everything from my education to my friends had been so unthinkingly leftist, it took stories to show me why it was wrong. When the movie “Starship Troopers” came out I just loved it. So, I did what I always do and found the novel. That, and other Robert Heinlein books, showed me a different way of thinking. Stories Matter. The essential truths of life are conservative, but we need to show people why. One way to do that is to produce stories that are well written and entertaining. That means children’s books and romances and sci-fi and every single thing you can think of. Almost all the entertainment now is leftist. It is time for that to change.

As conservatives and libertarians, we need to do business and support our own. In a perfect world it would not matter who edited your book or created your content, but we don’t live in that perfect world. For too long we have overlooked the issues of politics trying to be better than the left. That means we have given our money to people who think we are evil. That needs to end. Now that we have seen behind the mask, we need conservatives crafting the messaging and content for other conservatives.

We have all the facts in the world, but facts don’t get people in their gut. Stories do. There is so much propaganda that makes it easy for people to think that the leftists are the ‘nice’ ones. People want to be considered nice; it is natural. However, we all know what a hidden cost there is to that fake niceness. The niceness the left proposes is not nice at all. How are we going to show people that with graphs and statistics? How will that move the window back in our direction? No indeed, we need to show them the people that these policies harm. There are many ways to fight back against the current situation. We can vote, we can contact our elected representatives and most importantly we can make our voices heard everywhere. We need stories. We need your stories.