Services Offered

I offer the following services: Beta Reading, Blurb/Description Writing,  Editing,  Ghost Writing,  Kindle Sample Polishing, and Research. Once you contact me with your ideas, I’ll send you an email package with my policies and prices so everything is transparent.

Beta Reading: Get a reader’s perspective. I will read your book and give you my opinions as I read. After that, I will also write up a report detailing my analysis.

Blurb/Description Writing: Let me help you craft a blurb/description that will speak to your readers. Blurbs/descriptions must entice the reader into clicking but not give away the whole plot. Though they are also vastly different things, I find it helpful to have both written by the same person. Since this is a process, I offer up to 2 revisions when you purchase this service.

Editing: There are different types of editing, every author and book/content has different needs. I’m certain I can help you with one of my editing packages. To receive a quote, I’ll need to assess your writing. Manuscripts should be in Word Document form; however, I am able to convert it from PDF to word for a small additional fee. Handwritten manuscripts are possible but contact me for a quote. Once I am done, I will return your manuscript in Word. I strive for perfection, but the standard is 95% accuracy. I offer the following in the combination you need:

  • Copy Edit: I will go through your manuscript or writing with a fine-toothed comb to find all the grammar, punctuation and, spelling errors. This will ensure your book is as technically perfect as possible without a single embarrassing mistake. I do not just run your manuscript through a program. There are far too many things that get missed if that is all you do.
  • Line Edit:  During a line edit, I go through each sentence to make sure it is written as smoothly and compellingly as possible. I ensure it still sounds like you, but I will point out what does not flow and how to best fix it.
  • Developmental Edit:  This is the deepest edit. I will focus on the overall story, offering detailed suggestions and revisions for you to consider concerning plot points, pacing, characters, etc. While the other edits help the readability, this one allows the story to flow better.
  • Proofread:  This is the final edit. To proofread, I put the final sparkle on your book. I want to make sure it is as polished as possible before you move on to formatting.

Ghost Writing:  Do you have an idea for a best seller but can’t find the time or words? Let me write it. Here is how it works. We will meet over the phone or in person, depending on the size of the project. Then I will craft your book in your voice. Although this is a collaboration, you would retain the publishing rights. After the book is written, we will design a cover to make sure it sells and go through the editing process. So, you would have your book written under your name. You can make your dreams come true. The hard part in writing isn’t the idea but the execution, so let me handle that for you.

Kindle Sample Polishing: One of the most important things you can do to drive sales. If your reader is unsure of purchasing your book but is willing to try the sample, you want to wow them. Let’s make sure you do.

Research: I have excellent research skills for your needs. Over the years, I have thoroughly explored many topics. I can find the data and information you need.